Marvel Snap is currently one of the fastest-growing and most popular card games out there and has obtained a strong player base on both mobile devices and PC. Outside of the Marvel license attracting players, its short match time and welcoming and easy-to-learn mechanics are also major selling points.

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Each card in Marvel Snap has its own art, with many of them receiving alternate variant art versions in different themes that serve as the primary way the game earns revenue. A specific variant art theme is simply labeled Baby and looks to be heavily inspired by Calvin and Hobbes, Family Circus, and other popular American comic strips.

8 Galactus

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Card Art Galactus

Obtaining the label of "World-Eater" is as impressive as it is terrifying and immediately plants Galactus as a true threat. His sheer size and scope are hard to picture from the human perspective and witnessing him in real-life would likely cause people to faint. As a child, he'd likely eat his family out of house and home.

This is exactly the approach Skottie Young took with their Baby variant art of the purple and pink monstrosity. He has Earth on the end of a lollipop stick and is licking it joyfully. Captain Marvel, Spectrum, America Chavez, and Blue Marvel can be seen looking on in horror, disgust, and anger and the interstellar being snacking on their home world.

7 Doctor Doom

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Card Art Dr Doom

Doctor Doom sits as one of the most menacing and frightening villains in all of Marvel Comics. He's as intelligent as he is combat capable and has a knack for manipulating those around him. His baby variant art pokes fun at this by having the green-cloaked sorcerer playing with action figures of Thor and Riri Williams, among others.

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Skottie Young is the creative who did both the art and coloring for this variant take on Doctor Doom. Other hidden details in the piece include a giant figure of what appears to be Galactus in the background, and his Hulk action figure seems to be holding Wolverine above his head, preparing to throw him across the room.

6 Thor

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Card Art Thor

Anyone who has kept up with the Thor-related vertical of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is familiar with the story of Thor's brother Loki tricking him as a child and almost killing the God of Thunder. It served as a good laugh in Thor: Ragnarok, but also showcased how the two have always had a love/hate relationship with one another, as many siblings do to some extent.

Skottie Young's approach to the Baby variant art for Thor in Marvel Snap seems to focus on providing a similar look at the two brothers as kids. Thor in full armor and Mjolnir in hand is seen chasing Loki who has taken on the form of a cat, in hopes of getting away from his much stronger brother.

5 Super Skrull

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Card Art Super Skrull

Marvel Comic readers are rather familiar with Super Skrulls, but with the Disney+ series Secret Invasion set to release in 2023 the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom will also become familiar with the powerful shapeshifter. Regular Skrulls are able to shapeshift their appearance to look like anyone they choose, whereas Super Skrulls can also take on the powers and strength of said individuals.

With Marvel Snap's Baby variant art meant to poke childish fun at these characters, Skottie Young somehow managed to do that for antagonistic shapeshifters as well. The Super Skrull Baby variant art has the Skrull displaying parts of their body meant to impersonate The Thing, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Wolverine, and Captain America all at once.

4 Hulk

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Card Art Hulk

Through all of Skottie Young's work on various Baby variant art pieces for Marvel Snap, it's clear they understand the characters featured on the cards to a great extent. For Hulk, as powerful and impressive as he is, there's a running joke that he's the giant toddler of the Marvel Comics universe.

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When he throws a tantrum he destroys everything in his path without thinking twice. His variant art captures this belief in a way that's befitting of his approach to the world around him. A nice little detail is that the toy blocks he sends flying conveniently spell out "SMASH" which has served as the Hulk's unofficial catchphrase for what seems like decades at this point.

3 Wolverine

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Card Art Wolverine

What is Wolverine if not a small angry and hairy little baby man? Well, that's exactly what Skottie Young delivered with their Baby variant art of the beloved X-Men short king in Marvel Snap. Appearing as a child, this means this is a Wolverine long before the metal resource known as Adamantium was forcefully attached to his skeleton, so his claws are simply comprised of bone.

He can be seen picking his nose with said claws and is perched on a stump with more hair on his body than anyone would assume a child of his age would have. This variant art is the closest thing Marvel fans will likely ever get to a true coming-of-age tale featuring Logan.

2 M.O.D.O.K.

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Card Art MODOK

M.O.D.O.K. has served as a point of controversy as many critics feel his appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was a divisive inclusion that either won over or lost the audience completely. Regardless of that, the character has served as a weird comic book villain for decades and is meant to be a bit unnerving and weird.

The adult version of the seat-filling monstrosity can be rather off-putting and serve as the poster child for the uncanny valley, but Skottie Young's Baby variant art makes the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing cute in a miraculous sort of way. His tiny stubby limbs protruding from an ecstatic baby face make it feel as though all he wants is a hug.

1 Magneto

Marvel Snap Baby Variant Card Art Magneto

Capturing the vibe of a Calvin and Hobbes comic isn't an easy thing to do, but with Magneto's Baby variant art in Marvel Snap, Skottie Young captured that magic perfectly. It shows Magneto sitting at a table ready to eat breakfast, with metal silverware floating around his head.

He's protecting himself from Professor X with a helmet made entirely of plastic spoons and forks, as he prepares to dig into a fresh bowl of what appears to be X-Men Pops. The scene alongside his adorable sweater with the letter "M" on the front helps distract from a child who looks rather unimpressed with what his parents provided him for breakfast today.

Marvel Snap is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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