The good puppers. Life would be stale without puppies. All dogs are puppies, there is no debating that. There is also no debating that almost every generation of Pokemon always makes a point to add another wonderful or, at times, mediocre canine companion. One thing that has made Pokemon wonderful is the ability at team customization whether it is by a player's favorites, types, etc.

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In this case, what would make the most balanced team of puppies not including legendaries and mystics. Many apologies to Shaymin, Zacian, and Zamazenta. Another rule for the selections is that they must be in the current iteration of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These may not win players any battles in competitive, but they can definitely help players beat the Elite Four.

6 Lycanroc

midday, midnight, and dusk lycanroc

Lycanroc? Yes, Lycanroc! Although rock types have a lot of weaknesses, Lycanroc is the exception. Depending on what players want, the three evolutions that Lycanroc has can deliver what each needs. Midday may not have the best defense stats, but it makes up for having excellent speed and the awesome move Accelerock.

Its midnight evolution has good defense. Its dusk form has great attack and is only a little slower than its midday form, and it still has Accelerock. Even if its dusk form is the more preferable the other two options can still prove to be valuable in their own right depending on the player's style of play.

5 Dachsbun

dachsbun pokemon violet

Since Alolan Ninetails is MIA in Scarlet and Violet, Dachsbun makes an excellent replacement as a fairy type addition. Not only is Dachsbun formidable against dragon types, its special ability, well-baked body, makes it a huge threat.

The well-baked body ability activates when Dachsbun takes hits from fire-based attacks which result in its defense stat spiking up as a result. Not mention it has a wide range of attack types to choose from. This is one Pokemon that should not be overlooked. Also, it is bread. A bread puppy.

4 Lucario

Pokemon series

Lucario is pretty much a given. Lucario is a great physical sweeper, and it has a broad move set. The importance of having it on your team is that whatever, the team is lacking, Lucario can help balance it out. In this case, with the particular chosen line up for this article, Lucario's physical, dark, and steel moves would be a great asset.

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Not only does it pack powerful punches, but it can successfully pull off reversals. Honestly there are too many reasons on why Lucario is a necessary addition to the good boy team. It's type coverage and stats are just icing on the cake. Not to mention it has a massive move pool to choose from.

3 Houndstone

houndstone pokemon scarlet

Houndstone has become a new competitive favorite for a reason. Not only does it have high defense, special defense, and attack, it has other benefits as well. Well, in particular, one specific thing that has gotten it banned in competitive play. It was considered to be too over-powered because it warped the game play around said move. There was no counter move to it. What was it? Last Respects.

Last Respects adds an additional fifty power to Houndstone for each fainted Pokemon in the party. Which means, Houndstone is excellent as a last resort. On top of that it has some pretty solid ghost-type moves. Houndstone is a great ghost Pokemon that is basically a tank. Not a fish tank, but an army tank, to be clear.

2 Arcanine

Pokemon series

Although Arcanine was supposed to be an original legendary, it makes this list did not. Not only is Arcanine very fast, but it can pack a punch too. It has a 110 base attack as well as a high special attack. Not to mention its Snarl and Wild Charge moves are a defensive player's chef's kiss.

It can prove potentially helpful when faced against a water type Pokemon. For offensive players, it packs a punch with pretty decent fire moves. Fire Fang and Flamethrower and just two examples. Arcanine is basically a canon. Its stats are above average.

1 Vaporeon

pokemon series

The Eevee evolutions, believe it or not, do have some canine in them. Vaporeon is a brilliant water Pokemon to have on any team needing one. It has an excellent HP and special attack, and decent special defense. In fact, Vaporeon has the highest HP stat out of all the Eevee evolutions. Not to mention it can learn helpful fairy and ice moves in addition to some unique water moves like scald. Which can burn other Pokemon. Vaporeon is comparatively on the same level as Gyarados, stat wise.

However, it surpasses Gyarados (it is a more physical attacker) in defense, and can use powerful water moves like hydro pump more efficiently due to its special attack stats. Vaporeon also has an awesome ability called water absorb which is very handy. Water absorb restores up to 25% of Vaporeon's max HP (which is already high) instead of taking damage during a water type move.

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