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When the makers of XCOM got together to make a Marvel Superhero game, players thought they knew what to expect. Marvel's Midnight Suns looked like a nice, tactical strategy game with turn-based movement and attacks. What they got was a full-blown deck-builder with role-playing comprising at least half of the experience.

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Doing something different is a big risk, but Marvel's Midnight Suns makes the gamble that pays off. The game is the right amount of complex, offering optional secrets, cosmetics, and collectibles if players want to pursue them. In combat, gamers can adjust the difficulty based on how much they want to invest in the strategy side.

Updated on January 1st, 2023, by Hodey Johns: The team has been hard at work completing every collection and maxing out each hero. With that work done, it's time to share that information with the gamers. A whole section for challenge missions has been added, giving players the exact step-by-step solution for unlocking each one's legendary card. Additionally, enough work was done through testing to compile some ratings for various categories. Tanks, supports, and damage dealers have had their results documented with various decks, with their successes and failures noted when the game's difficulty mode has been turned up to its fullest.

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