An Elden Ring streamer has beaten Margit using just one finger and aims to complete the game in exactly the same way. MissMikkaa is famous for her Elden Ring challenge runs which only get more and more ludicrous after each one.

Challenge runs are a staple of FromSoftware's catalog and have only grown more popular (and ridiculous) over the years. What started as seemingly impossible attempts to finish Dark Souls without taking a hit or leveling up has become a content powerhouse among YouTubers and Twitch streamers. MissMikkaa has built a name for herself over the past year while doing such challenges, and earlier this year defeated Malenia on two separate versions of the game simultaneously, with one connected to a controller and the other to a dance pad. Even that achievement only took 199 attempts, which is less than some have accumulated when playing a single version of Elden Ring traditionally.

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But MissMikkaa was not satisfied and is now trying to beat Elden Ring with just one finger on the controller. For anyone wondering how this is even functionally possible, the video below includes a controller PoV that captures how MissMikkaa has remapped most buttons to make it viable. Attacking with a DualSense controller would typically require R1 to be pressed, but the input has been changed to the D-pad instead. Movement is handled by the bottom of her finger and camera control has been sacrificed, meaning that there is a heavy reliance on the target lock to complete encounters.

Amazingly, not even a day after this clip was posted to Twitter, MissMikkaa has gone on to defeat the Fire Giant, meaning that she is likely to finish the challenge at any moment. Only five compulsory boss fights are left before a single finger can claim the title of Elden Lord. What makes the run even better is that MissMikkaa is now using the Ringed Finger, a Hammer made out of a literal finger encased by several rings.

Additionally, it has only taken her just over 10 hours to reach and defeat the Fire Giant, at a very respectable rune level of 72. MissMikkaa's undeniable talent and rise in popularity saw her win the Best Soulslike Streamer at the most recent Streamer Awards, days after playing Elden Ring with a guitar.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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