Bethesda has launched a new sale on the Nintendo Switch eShop that includes massive discounts for some of its biggest games. Some of the most popular and iconic games of all time have been published by Bethesda, and many of these have been ported to Switch.

Bethesda is one of the most recognizable publishers in gaming today, and a lot of this notoriety is thanks to the games made by its development division, Bethesda Game Studios. This developer is responsible for making some of the most popular and impactful open-world games ever, such as The Elder Scrolls series and the modern iterations of the Fallout series. It is currently working on Starfield which has a release date of September 6. Additionally, Bethesda has published games such as this year's Hi-Fi Rush from Tango Gameworks and Deathloop from Arkane Studios, which is developing the upcoming shooter Redfall.

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Many of Bethesda's published games on Switch can now be picked up at a major discount thanks to the Bethesda Spring Sale. The most well-represented franchise in this sale is Doom as almost the entire franchise is available on Switch with discounts of up to 75% off and some games being sold for less than $5. These range from the first few Doom games from the mid-1990s, Doom 3, Doom 64, and the Switch ports of the 2016 Doom and its sequel Doom Eternal, which are considered some of the best FPS games on the Nintendo Switch. These games and others on sale will be discounted until April 17.


Another major highlight of this sale is a discount on one of the first third-party AAA releases to be announced for Switch, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, which is still regarded as one of the most impressive Switch ports. Those that already own the game on Switch can upgrade to the Skyrim: Anniversary Edition for $12. This gives them access to additional content, such as new quests, activities, and integrated Creation Club content such as fishing.


The continued support from Microsoft and its subsidiaries like Bethesda to bring more of its games to Switch has done wonders in terms of making these games accessible to more players. Some examples include Bethesda-published games, Microsoft-published games such as the Ori series, and Microsoft's plans to bring Call of Duty to Switch. With these discounts, potentially more gamers than ever have the chance to play these games on the Nintendo system.

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