Today, Wordle returns with a fresh five-letter challenge, and some players may require some help to be victorious. Whether they require an overview of the rules, some hints on strategy, or even just clues to the answer, fans can conquer today's five-letter puzzle with a win.

How To Play Wordle

In order to play the Wordle of the day today, players will want to first make sure they are in the right spot. When it went viral back in early 2022, a bunch of Wordle clones popped up all over the internet. However, there is only one original, and it is currently owned and hosted by the New York Times. It can be found on the newspaper's Games site and its Crossword app only. Other Wordles will have different answers than what is listed here, and they can also have slightly different rules.

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To get started, players need to pick a five-letter word. While almost any word will do, they will have a better chance of solving the puzzle if they choose a word that follows these rules:

  • Wordle answers won't ever be previous answers, though these can be used as guesses.
  • Answers won't even be plural nouns ending in S or ES, so players should avoid those too.
  • They cannot be offensive words like slurs.
  • Players should choose a word with five different letters in it; though answers can have doubled-up letters, having five different starting letters will give players a leg up.
  • Wordle has an editor now, meaning that on some holidays, Wordle will follow a theme for the day. For example, the word for November 24, 2022, was changed to FEAST for American Thanksgiving.

Type the starting word into the Wordle grid. This will make the letters of the word change colors, giving players some clues to the real answer.

  • Green = correct
  • Gray = incorrect
  • Yellow = letters are right but in the wrong place in the word

Given these clues, keep trying new words and getting new clues until the answer is guessed or the player loses. They get six tries for every puzzle.

Hints for the Wordle 650 for March 31, 2023

Need a hint for today's five-letter Wordle puzzle? Check below for some hints that don't spoil the whole word.

Answer for Wordle 650 for March 31, 2023

Looking for the full spoiler for today? Under the image below, players can find the answer to today's challenge.


The answer to Wordle puzzle 650 is EVERY.

Wordle is available for any browser and on the New York Times Crossword App.

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Source: Wordle, Reddit