Avowed is perhaps Obsidian Entertainment's most anticipated upcoming open world RPG game, even more so than The Outer Worlds 2. The idea that another studio could accomplish what Bethesda has done with The Elder Scrolls franchise is an intriguing thought. After all, Obsidian Entertainment has done so before with another of Bethesda's franchises through Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas proved that Obsidian Entertainment had what it takes to create a fun and interesting first person RPG. With that history behind it, Avowed has the opportunity to tap into an RPG that remains beloved many years after release. Fallout: New Vegas' DNA could show up in all kinds of ways despite their differing genres.

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Fallout: New Vegas' Influence on Avowed


Whenever talking about the history of Obsidian Entertainment's accomplishments, Fallout: New Vegas is usually brought up in the conversation. Though some may disagree, many consider it to be the best first person Fallout game to date. This was not simply because it was the Fallout formula done right, but because of how real Obsidian Entertainment was able to make its world feel. Avowed can learn a lot from Fallout: New Vegas for sure, but its influences may show up in ways players may not expect. After all, Obsidian Entertainment is known for its ability to innovate on whatever it is working on.

For instance, companions might feel a New Vegas' impact. Many already suspect Avowed will add companions, similar to Pillars of Eternity, which shares a universe with Avowed. However, they could be more akin to Fallout: New Vegas' companions more than Pillars of Eternity. For example, they could have a preference for certain factions or actions the player partakes in. More importantly, they could change along with the player's decisions. Fallout: New Vegas' Veronica is the best example of this, as her interactions with the Brotherhood of Steel can directly change her ideology.

Speaking of factions, Fallout: New Vegas' way of handling factions could even make a return. In that game, there were a variety of factions with complex and interweaving relationships and personalities found between them. Interacting with one could upset the other, creating a sense of tension. Some could even be convinced to prefer one faction over the other, such as the Boomers and Great Khans. Avowed's narrative design could greatly benefit from this, adding more narrative depth for players to explore. Avowed also doesn't face the time constraints originally placed on Fallout: New Vegas, meaning that Obsidian Entertainment can have the chance to flesh out every single one if they are included.

One of the more complicated ways that Fallout: New Vegas could influence Avowed is through its endings. Fallout: New Vegas' choices were all made in such a way in that players had to weigh their personal beliefs and make what felt like the best decision. For that reason, the game's endings were often highly debated, as many of them could be considered the "best" depending on a player's perspective. Avowed could recreate this, although it would probably be much less politically charged than Fallout: New Vegas considering the franchise's themes. Re-imagining this Fallout: New Vegas feature for Avowed would also enhance the game's replayability.

If it's a satisfying release, Avowed's impact on the gaming community could be felt just about everywhere, just as Fallout: New Vegas' legacy sets expectations for all of Obsidian's other RPGs. It remains to be seen how Avowed compares to New Vegas, but the two will be family in one way or another.

Avowed is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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