Fans of puzzle games who want to add some flair to their daily solving routine should consider giving Wordle a spin. While the game looks like a typical five-letter challenge, the added element of having only six (6) tries per word that lasts 24 hours gives a feeling of exclusivity to each mystery code.

While Wordle puzzles such as that of March 31, 2023, might seem easy for some mystery code solvers, the fun part of each challenge is how players can take different approaches to solve these brain-teasers. Thing is, for players who are in a bit of a rush or running out of clues, trying to figure out a tricky puzzle might start getting a bit annoying. Thankfully, players may be able to use things such as familiar words and starting letters, as well as the term’s definition and technical clues, to make the process more manageable.

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What It Means

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One of the first clues players should look for when solving a puzzle game like Wordle is to check its definition. Knowing what a term means can give players a way to cross-check whether some of their guesses fit the scope of the word’s definition or not.

For instance, the March 31 Wordle challenge pertains to a word that describes all the individual members of a group or a set with no room for exceptions. The word is commonly used to emphasize all possible or utmost things, as well as indicate something as happening at specific intervals with a specific amount.

Technical Clues

Another clue players should use in tandem with the word’s definition are its technical components. These hints should give players a more cohesive way of checking the possibility that their guesses fit the description of the mystery code. Some technical clues for today’s challenge can be:

  • The word has two (2) syllables
  • The word has two (2) letters that are the same
  • The word is majorly a determiner, used to bridge a verb and the object it describes

Suggestions For Starting Words

Players looking for something more practical could make away with the definition and technical components and instead rely on starting Wordle terms. These terms can provide hints as to what letters are included in the puzzle and can make the challenge much easier. For instance, some starting words for this challenge are:


5-Letter Words Starting With EV

One final hint players can rely on if they’re running out of patience with the puzzle are familiar terms close to the challenge solution. This is a more practical hint that doesn’t necessarily give the word away, but instead gives players a better direction in their puzzle-solving. For instance, today’s word begins with EV-, of which 12 five-letter words fit this configuration. Here are some of those terms but without the mystery code answer:


Here are some of the words that have this format:

Wordle is playable via browser.

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