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E.L. is a writer who unironically believes that most things are games. She is currently a graduate student in the history of the exact sciences in antiquity, and *has thoughts* about ancient math and modern astrology alongside good tutorialization and immersion. She has shared these thoughts (and her writing) with digital venues like Eidolon, Lady Science and First Person Scholar. In her downtime, E.L. enjoys puzzle games, ARGs, lyric TTRPGs, handstands and trapeze. You can follow her (and recommend GM-less storytelling games) on Twitter.

Latest Articles

Split Images of Microworks, All Bad Cards, and Brimestone Brawler 1
Jackbox: 15 FREE Alternative Party Games to Play With Friends

Games like Jackbox are a great addition to any in-person or online gathering, and these free options are fun for all sorts of players.

The X-Files Home Episode 1
Why The X-Files’ Freakiest Episode Was Banned Right After Airing

The infamous X-Files episode deals with horrific themes, creating a story so unnerving that it was banned and never replicated.

Criminal Minds Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) Kneeling 1
Criminal Minds: How Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss Died, Left & Took Over the Show

Emily Prentiss became one of the most beloved and long-term Criminal Minds cast members, despite her late start and rocky treatment by the studio.

Criminal Minds JJ looks pensive wearing a bulletproof vest outside 1
Criminal Minds: Why A.J. Cook’s JJ Left the Show - and Returned

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau was an integral member of the BAU on Criminal Minds, making actor A.J. Cook's Season 6 departure a surprise to many fans.

Thomas Gibson as Hotch, looking over his shoulder on Criminal Minds 1
Why Thomas Gibson's Hotch Left Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds was no stranger to cast turnover, but the departure of Thomas Gibson’s Aaron Hotchner was unplanned - and messy.

Criminal Minds: Evolution's Luke Alvez sits with Penelope Garcia while baking 1
Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Can Do Right By Garvez

The first season of Criminal Minds: Evolution tried to break the Garcia/Alvez ship, but Season 2 could build on the remnants and make it stronger.

Main room with a locked trunk, dangling walkie-talkie, lit neon  1
Unboxing the Cryptic Killer Is the Perfect Co-Op Puzzle Game for Escape Room Fans

The latest co-op puzzle game from Eleven Puzzles draws on the style of escape rooms for clean, collaborative, and compelling gameplay.

Milo Sunter, played by Aiden Gillen, sits in a prison cell during Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9. 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 9 Recap & Spoilers: 'The Lie of the Truth'

While Mike McLusky and Iris find some peace and connect in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9, the rest of the city breaks down - starting with the prison.

Ian Ferguson (played by Hugh Dillon) is shaded by police lights in Mayor of Kingstown 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 5 Recap & Spoilers: 'Orion'

Mike picks up new clients and finds someone to fight for during Mayor of Kingstown Episode 5, while tensions continue to grow within the prison.

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 3 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers: 'Simply Murder'

A boy’s murder unites police and inmates, with lasting repercussions, in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 3.

Jeremy Renner as Mike and Tobi Bamtefa as Bunny in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 7 Recap & Spoilers: 'Along Came a Spider'

More of Milo Sunter’s plan is revealed in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 as a slew of problems fall into the lap of the residents of Kingstown.

Mariam, played by Dianne Wiest, walks away from Mike, played by Jeremy Renner, in Mayor of Kingstown episode 4. 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers: 'The Price'

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 4 sees the McLusky family dealing with the fallout from newly forged deals. Here's a spoiler-filled Paramount+ recap.

Iris leans out a car window in the woods 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 8 Recap & Spoilers: 'The Devil is Us'

The mystery box is revealed but Mayor of Kingstown focuses more on rescuing Iris and taking care of those who hurt her. Here's a spoiler-filled recap.

Jeremy Renner as Mike and Taylor Handley as Kyle of the Paramount+ series MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN Episode 2 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers: 'The End Begins'

Mayor of Kingstown returns to deal with the McLusky family’s grief over Mitch's death and show how difficult doing good can be in a bad world.

Gravity Falls: Dipper & Wendy Were Both Queer-Coded

Disney's Gravity Falls featured several queer characters, but even more seemed to be queer-coded - including two fan-favorite protagonists.

Jeremy Renner's Mike stands behind a beam in Mayor of Kingstown 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers: 'The Mayor of Kingstown'

Jeremy Renner's Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown kicks off with violence and moral ambiguity. Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of what happened.

Mayor of Kingstown Mike under a tree bruised in a suit 1
Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 6 Recap & Spoilers: 'Every Feather'

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6 centers on Iris and the important role she plays in entrapping Mike McLusky in Milo Sunter’s bloody plans.

Agent Madi stands outside holding a cellphone to her ear in a blue suit jacket and striped shirt. 1
Rabbit Hole's Cast Dishes on Crafting Their Complex Ensemble

Walt Klink, Enid Graham, and Rob Yang dive into the "working vacation" of filming Rabbit Hole and creating the series' complex ensemble cast.

Jamie Dutton (played by Wes Bentley) stares grimly in Yellowstone 1
A 1923 Fan Theory Suggests a Surprising New Parentage for Jamie Dutton

Fans have wondered how Teonna’s storyline intersects with the Duttons in 1923. This fan theory thinks she may be inextricably linked to Jamie.

Charles Dance wearing a denim button up shirt sits in a dimly lit room. 1
Rabbit Hole: Charles Dance & Meta Golding Detail Their Morally Complex Characters

Co-stars Meta Golding and Charles Dance dish on diving into their scrappy and terrifying characters in the upcoming Paramount+ thriller Rabbit Hole.

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