A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet artist made a creative Paradox form for Skitty, achieving a lovely result. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced fans to the new Paldea region, its mysteries, challenges, and unique characters. Gen 9 also added some gimmicks that inspired impressive fan art giving new forms to Pokemon.

And one of these Pokemon that got a new form is Skitty, the Normal-type Pokemon introduced in Gen 3, considered by many players as one of the best Pokemon generations. While there are several Pokemon based on dogs, fans who like cats need not worry - there are also several Pokemon based on cats. Skitty, specifically, stands out for its pink and cream-colored body, which gives the same cuteness to its evolution Delcatty. Another distinctive detail is its tail with a bulky pink section at the end and three structures similar to sewing pins.

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Instagram user june.buns posted fan art where Skitty gets a Paradox form that is not only cute but also creative. Named Iron Kitty, this is a Future Paradox Pokemon, a concept that has already inspired other equally impressive Pokemon fan art. Iron Kitty, according to the lore created by june.buns, has the appearance of a popular toy from the future, which is capable of making various expressions and seems to be popular among children. The fan art keeps Skitty's colors while giving it a robotic design with a tail shaped like a power plug. Its face is an electronic display with a Daft Punk-esque feeling.

In addition to the fan art, june.buns posted in the same publication a sort of 3D sprite created by Instagram user brysonmcbee, showing the Pokemon in motion. Like other fan art that gave Pokemon other Paradox forms, Iron Kitty proved to be a hit among Instagram users and on the official Pokemon subreddit, with praise from users on both platforms. Its design is effective and makes fans imagine Iron Kitty as a Steel-type Pokemon or an even more unique combination like Steel/Psychic-type, having access to moves such as Metal Claw and Telekinesis.

Iron Kitty is a paradox form that accomplishes something difficult: turning Skitty into an even cuter Pokemon with a design that elevates the original idea. Interestingly, june.buns' fan art could catch the attention of older Pokemon fans, who may remember something that existed in real life: the robot cat Meow-Chi, a toy that became famous for changing expressions. With this fan art, the Pokemon community shows once more that Pokemon with really creative designs can even rival those created by Game Freak.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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Source: brysonmcbee/Instagram