A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has created fan art of a fusion between two of their favorite Pokemon: Espeon and Umbreon. Pokemon fans and artists love to create original Pokemon, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Paradox Forms have given them the opportunity to experiment with really creative ideas. Sometimes these ideas come together in very special ways, which seems to be the case for this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan art.

For those unfamiliar, Paradox Forms of Pokemon are a new concept added with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They are unique forms of Pokemon brought to Paldea through the use of a time machine. As such, they are typically divided into two different groups. There are Past Paradox Pokemon, which are older versions of previously met Pokemon, and there are Future Paradox Pokemon, or Pokemon brought back after they've changed generation by generation going into the future.

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A piece of fan art from Reddit user Wingus_the_Dingus captures the idea of a Future Paradox Pokemon that is also a fusion of two Pokemon. Basically, the concept answers the question: if the Pokemon Espeon and Umbreon were combined and then evolved going into the future, what would it look like? The answer is, according to Wingus_the_Dingus, a robotic black and neon pink Pokemon named Iron Eclipse with physical traits from both of its ancestors.

Inherited traits include both the circle from Umbreon's forehead and the crystal from Espeon's, to form a sort of target shape in neon pink. Its ear shape is taken from Umbreon, but it also has the cheek whiskers of Espeon. Its tail divides into two prongs like Espeon, but each prong is shaped like Umbreon's poofier tail. Its front legs come to a point like Espeon, while its back legs are more traditionally feline like Umbreon. Further, the circles on Umbreon's legs, tail, and ears are all inherited, too, but are now neon pink instead of yellow. It's an impressive mix of both Umbreon and Espeon.

As an added layer, Espeon and Umbreon are a frequent pairing not just among Pokemon fans but by official Pokemon sources. In the Pokemon Journeys anime, there's an episode in which it's clarified that Umbreon is powered by moonlight and Espeon is powered by sunlight. So when a total eclipse occurs, the pair can be strongly empowered. Their pairing is presented in a very romantic way.

Almost all the Future Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are similarly rendered in metal as if they were robots, so Iron Eclipse would fit right in. Fusion Pokemon are rather more of a fan effort, instead of an official form from Game Freak, though. This Psychic/Dark Pokemon may not be coming to a Pokemon game soon, but it can still be enjoyed by fans of the Umbreon and Espeon pairing.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Switch.

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