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Bts Military Service Exemption

Under the bill, the qualified artists will be allowed to work in their fields of specialty for 34 months under an alternative program. Previously, when answering about the.

BTS’ Potential Military Exemption Sparks Debate Over

Bts to perform on bbc radio show 'live lounge' next week.

Bts military service exemption. Bts military service exemption background. What is bts military service exemption act according to the korean media reports , a subcommittee meeting of the national defense commission was scheduled to commence from september 9, 2021, where. Bts’ military exemption would come not in the introduction of a completely new section to the military service act, but rather in a partial amendment.

He added, “since the military service benefit system was introduced in 1973, a total of 1804 people have been exempted. The bill to amend the military service act that will exempt bts. If the new revision is passed, there is a possibility that bts may receive a special exemption from military service.

Voices demanding bts be granted an exemption from military service have gotten louder on social media following. Should bts get an exemption from military service? Meanwhile, korea’s ministry of defense and lawmakers have tackled a bill to grant military service exemption to bts and other artists who have contributed to national interest.

Army demands military service exemption for bangtan boys; Reportedly, south korea’s national assembly is divided over possibly exempting the bts from mandatory military service. Besides the information about the amendment to the military service act, the consideration of bts’s military service exemption at tomorrow’s commission meeting makes armys extremely wait for.

The original military service act currently exempts athletes and artists with special skills with a cultural impact, such as famous musicians or ballet dancers, but does not include singer. In the case that bts is not exempt from military service, the members of bts will perform their military service for two years. The required age for enlistment is usually between 18 and 28.

However, given bts’s global impact and how the boys have helped raise national prestige, many have encouraged the government to reconsider extending the exemptions to singers and. The officials could not give further discussion because of the many issues involved and the meeting time did not allow. For now, bts has only deferred.

By mhaliya scott nov 25, 2021. I would like you to seriously consider whether the contribution of the 7 bts members has reached the level of national prestige as compared to the 1804 people who promoted national prestige.”. While exempt from active duty, which requires communal living and training at military bases, they are still required to fulfill about four.

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