To open a sentry safe with combination, you can follow the below steps: For gun safe models 2012 to present, follow these steps to break into a sentry safe.

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Insert the nail file tip into the lock.

How to break into a sentry safe with combination. Generally, the key lock is beside the combination lock in a sentry safe. Take a drill machine and attach it to a power outlet for starting the drill open into the lock of the safe. Turn the dial to 0.

How to break into a sentry safe: If it is a smaller size safe, you may be able to just break it open. Jiggle the nail file until you can rotate the lock.

Now bend the tip at 45 degrees up with pliers. They are ensuring it because of security purposes. Slide the nail file from the nail clippers.

How to crack sentry safe, lost safe combination. How to break into a sentry safe combination lock. If the safe is a dial, and you were able to find the serial number, the locksmith will most likely will be able to retrieve the original combination to the safe.

The locksmith will then be able to set the safe combination to whatever numbers you desire. Contact or call for help always call the company first if you need to know how to open a sentry safe without the combination or if you've misplaced the keys. After this, insert the silver key into the silver lock.

Open the door of the safe, and ensure those shipping screws have been removed (if any) find the combination code on the user manual (usually there is a sticker on the user manual) if you are using a dual key/combination model of the sentry safe, insert the key into the keyhole, push in and turn to. In order to do that, you need to remove the plastic cover located next to the combination keypad, place the key inside the lock, and turn it in the right set direction. It may be of no good to you after that, but at least you are inside your safe.

Turn the dial two times to the ‘left’, topping. Turn the dial to 0. Turn the dial three turns to the ‘right’, stopping at the first number in the combination.

When the dial has been turned to the three numbers of the combination, the lock will release, and the door will pop open. If you somehow forget the combination of your safe, then the easiest way to open the safe is to use the spare key that comes with the sentry safe. How to break into a sentry safe overview.

When you hear a clicking sound, continue working on the inside of the lock to ensure you’ve reached the. Now, hold the magnet in the top left corner of the safe. Sentrysafe is a great idea to protect your firearms and other valuables.

Turn the dial ‘right’ three turns and. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. First, stand in front of the sentry safe and make sure that no one is around you.

Aside from physically breaking into the. If you are using a dual key/combination model of the sentry safe, insert the key into the keyhole, push in and turn to “unlock” position. Clutch safe handles prevent this because they will spin with enough force so.

Numbers are written around the circumference, usually beginning with 0 at the top and increasing as you go around the dial clockwise. Now start turning the key opens the safe’s door. Either by using a crowbar or dropping it off the roof of your home, you are likely to break open the safe.

For gun safe models made after 2012, follow these steps to crack into a sentry safe. So long as the safe combination has never been changed, this will open the safe.

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