How To Rebuild A Transmission Valve Body

When you look at a transmission valve body, you’ll notice that it looks a whole lot like a maze. Then you must consider the labor costs which may be quite extensive.

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It would then require buying a low mileage junkyard valve body, and throwing the sonnax kits, or buying the sonnax rebuilt valve body as smyers has suggested.

How to rebuild a transmission valve body. Transmission repair manuals 62te rebuild instructions. Occasionally this will involve simply rebuilding or replacing the valve body, but this is usually a shortcut that will lead to more. The valve body has to be removed from the transmission before it can be rebuilt.

If transmission maintenance (fluid/filter changes) have been neglected, there's a possibility there is wear in the valve bores that would make rebuilding useless. The valve body is a part of all automatic transmissions that acts as the main control center of the system. When a failing valve body causes symptoms and/or failures.

Both are good options but the best option for you depends on the transmission problem, the year, make and model of vehicle, the mileage and the vehicle value. What is a transmission valve body? Since replacing a transmission valve body can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to finish, you must figure the hourly rate of a mechanic is between $60 to $100.

The choice to rebuild or replace the transmission valve body entirely isn't one size fits all. The valve body is the 'ecu' of the transmission (and in later electronically controlled transmissions, you will find that a valve body really isn't much more than a couple fluid paths controlled by solenoids). You can expect to save around $200 if you choose to have your old valve body will find a couple of tubes running across the front of the case to the valve body, use a screwdriver to gently wiggle these guys up and loose.your transmission valve body will move the fluid through its various channels quickly to activate the right bands in your transmission while.

But despite the complexity of its appearance, the transmission valve body in your vehicle actually has a very simple job: It would then require buying a low mileage junkyard valve body, and throwing the sonnax kits, or buying the sonnax rebuilt valve body as smyers has suggested. Here's what to consider when you're making that decision in your shop.

On average, a transmission valve body assembly will cost you anywhere from $200 to $500. Rubber degradation of accumulator piston bumpers.

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