Liv's Life Lipstick Alley 2021

Kids with their real parent, no. I mainly do vlogs, but i also enjoy gaming (sometimes) and recording fun normal videos too 🙂

Lipstick Alley Reviews – 103 Reviews Of Lipstickalleycom Sitejabber

She's basically bad at everything she does, even lying.

Liv's life lipstick alley 2021. Can we talk about women and “friends” like. I hope that shit is miserable. Watch hoelivia try to hide the kids from jerrod.

Olivia's life is a shit show, damn it, she can't make one good decision to save her life. Liv wants to live in a house and is tired of apartments. She has a long ass thread on here.

3 7 1 2 realtalkmama. Her life is sad af. Liv’s pressed bc a lady with 9 kids is doing better than her and has a man that came to publicly defend her against hips.

I would be embarassed to stay home all day and feed my kids stuff that comes out of a can or box. On marisa’s live there was a kid with yt name fortnight pro that claimed he was carol’s son said carol gave o’liar 5k he said she called cps and the police and was heading to tx. Joined jul 7, 2019 messages 28 reactions 217 7 alleybux 534,774 feb 4, 2021 #31,267.

We loyalty gang over here! He said o’liar broke up his family cause his dad left took him because of the obsession carol has with o’liar and the money she’s been giving. I wouldn’t mind a messy ass drunk live tomorrow night though.

Liv said them kids can stay kidnapped but don’t forget her birthday’s tomorrow. If she wants to add some more drama and action to her life and channel, that will definitely do it! She also wants a man to ride for her but she dropped the one that actually gave two fucks about her.

You with it or you not!#loyaltygang My sister works from 7 a.m to 4 p.m from monday to friday, but she takes her saturday mornings to meal. Y’all must be new to necie and only like her because of her calling peppa out.

She admittedly drinks all day, has her step daughter take care of her 2 little daughters, doesn’t cook dinner until after 12am, acts very incest like with her family, smokes around her kids especially her step daughters newborn baby and a host of other bs.

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Lipstick Alley Reviews – 103 Reviews Of Lipstickalleycom Sitejabber

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Lipstick Alley Reviews – 103 Reviews Of Lipstickalleycom Sitejabber

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